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This is Savetopedia about us page. Savetopedia provides the latest news and guides about insurance and savings. We constantly research the current market flow to help you save money and protect your finances. We only provide up-to-date insurance-related information. A comprehensive article is prepared, which is primarily based on references from several news and blog sites.

Because your insurance is a valuable asset to you, Savetopedia tries to give you the right advice. With the help of Savetopedia, which was first developed as a blog site, a structure was constructed in December 2021.


In Savetopedia, Mark’s Excellence Digital is a parent organization. Mr. Mark Techur wants to start a blog regarding insurance before COVID-19 starts.

He bought the Savetopedia domain name along with Sazzad Hossain, a citizen of Bangladesh and an expert in digital marketing and SEO. He then developed the Savetopedia website with just 10 articles employing their teams (Abdullah Al-Faruque, Shoyeb Talukder, and Mir Bakhtiar Rahman).

The website currently welcomes new users every day and refreshes its insurance-related content often.

On December 21, 2021, Savetopedia was released to the public. We are only at the beginning of the adventure, thus it will take some time for Savetopedia to reach every country.

Our editorial team consistently publishes top-notch content by gathering factual, market-verified material that is essential for our readers. However, if you have any feedback or to provide your article on our site, please get in touch with our support team.

In the modern world, it is impossible to conduct our lives without banking, business, and insurance. And it is for this reason that we established the Savetopedia blog site, where we persistently distribute current market information, advice, and guidance.

We have several policy pages and a cookie policy if you are a visitor to our site. You must read and agree to the Savetopedia User, Publisher, and User Privacy Policy as well as the Terms of Use. which you can learn about from the page links above.