How to Recover Your Lost Health Insurance

Do you know that an enormously big number of people living on the American continent receive some decent health insurance and coverage plans from their employers until they touch the age limit of 65 years? It gives them a super advantage to worry not for any kind of health emergency if it arises accidently. If your employer asks you to choose a health insurance plan for you from among a broader choice of insurance plans available there in the insurance market, you need to select the perfect health insurance plan that may suit your requirements acutely.

Nonetheless, if you are fired or expelled from the job due to some reasons then you are always at risk of losing your job based health insurance. This will even worsen the situation by adding more stress to your already stressful life.

However, you don’t have to be worried that much because we are going to discuss some of the best possible options to recover your lost health insurance in 2022. Let us first explore various reasons which may disqualify you for availing health insurance leading you to the complete loss of your health coverage plans. So stick to the post till the end to say goodbye to your worries regarding the loss of your health insurance, forever.

6 Reasons that may Rob You of Your Health Insurance

Here are some reasons that may snatch the health insurance opportunities from your hands.

  1. When you are dismissed from the service because of any serious violation or violating the protocols and principles of the employer or the company.
  2. When you resign from the job willingly or quit it on your own.
  3. When you become ineligible for a student health insurance plan as a college/school/university dropout.
  4. When you couldn’t manage to continue your individual health insurance plan, ultimately you will lose it soon for discontinuing the policy.
  5. When you turn ineligible for premium-free Medicare Part A.
  6. When you get older than 25 years and become ineligible for health insurance through any of your parents’ plans.

Two Major Options for You to Recover Your Lost Health Insurance in 2022

Fundamentally, there are two main options that may bring you your health insurance plan back in some other way.

  1. Purchase a Health coverage Plan through the Marketplace
  2. Subscribe to the COBRA Coverage Plan

Let us unfold the story in detail.

1. Health Coverage Plan through the Marketplace

In case, you have lost your job by either resigning or being fired from it by your employer then you will certainly lose your Job Based health Insurance Plan or Employer Sponsored Insurance (ESI) soon.

Special Enrollment Plan

Since you are deprived of job based health insurance or employer sponsored insurance, it will make you eligible to go for a Special Enrollment Plan that you can subscribe for the remaining part of the following year.

The enrollments for the Special Enrollment Plan 2022 have been started from November 1, 2021 and will last till January 15, 2022 that is just approaching. You need to make a hasty attempt to grab this opportunity before it expires. It is normally better to get yourself enrolled by the mid of December, so that your Special Enrollment Plan may take effect from the New Year’s Day.

During the open enrollment dates you can change or alter your preferences according to your requirement without any limitations. You can change the plan by opting for some other categories.

Nonetheless, there are conditions when you can get this Special Enrollment Plan to take effect for you prior to the said date of January 15 of each year. Let us have a look at those certain specific conditions which bring the opportunity closer to you, luckily.

It is when your life undergoes certain changes like:

  • You get married.
  • You become a parent by begetting a baby or giving birth to a baby.
  • You lose your job based health insurance after January 15 of the year.

In such cases as mentioned above, you will be able to get your coverage may take effect from a date prior to January 15 of the year.

It does also allow you to submit an application for the Medicaid or Children Health Insurance Program (CHIP) at any year of the time.

In order to access all these opportunities you need to simply fill up the Marketplace application form.

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How to Access the Marketplace?

You simply need to make an account on the Marketplace website and save your login details.

It is quite easy to go through the available packages and plans being offered by the Marketplace without signing in or logging in to it. You can easily check the plans of various prices based on your net income.

As you fill in the Marketplace application form, you will get to know some valuable information that may benefit you in some striking way.

By filling in the form you may check your eligibility for out-of-pocket healthcare costs and for savings on your monthly premium.

You will also be able to confirm whether you are eligible for low-cost or total free coverage by Medicaid or the Children Health Insurance Programme (CHIP).

Short Term Health Plans

 Losing a job based health insurance will create a wide gap between the date of effect of the Special Enrollment Plan and losing of your health insurance date. If you want to bridge this gap, you can go for some temporary short term health plan. One drawback with the short term health plans is that they are neither regulated by the Affordable care Act nor do they cover for the already existing conditions. However, it may serve as a good companion for your bad times. It will cover your medical needs and emergencies in the period when you have happened to be uninsured.

2. Subscribe to the COBRA Coverage Plan

According to the constitution being framed by the federal government of the United States, you have a golden time of almost 18 months after losing your job to decide whether you would continue paying the premium for your job based health insurance or Employer Sponsored Insurance. This time period in fact gives you some breathing space in the time of absolute stress. In such a case you have to pay the full payment of your premium on your own along with some fee for administration purposes too.

Why Should You Choose COBRA?

 The best thing about the COBRA Coverage plan is that it takes effect retroactively and would even cover all the pre-existing conditions too seamlessly. So, when you lose a job you can bridge the gap between your self purchased health plan and your lost health coverage. It can benefit you in terms of medical budget and finance in the days when you are uninsured. So it can be a wise choice for supporting you in the exhaustingly stressful days.

How to Know about COBRA Options?

Many of the citizens undergo financial losses just because of ignorance or unawareness of the financial laws mentioned in the book of constitution. So you must be learning about the ifs and buts COBRA options to make a smart choice while opting for a COBRA coverage plan.

You need to contact or approach your employer or the competent authority of your organization to let you know about the available COBRA options. They will definitely unfold and disclose the coverage plan in a more convincing and comprehensive way to help you build a strong understanding. So you need to develop a mature sense of your financial life while dealing with the money related issues.

 However, there is always an option for you to switch yourself from COBRA to Individual Health Insurance Plans. You will be given a special enrollment period to join the Marketplace Health Insurance Plan.

An Unbiased comparison between Marketplace Plans and COBRA Plans

In order to present the best of the opinions to you it is the demand of the hour to do an impartial comparison between the Marketplace plans and the COBRA plans.

Comparison between COBRA Plans and the Marketplace Place

QueriesCOBRA PlansMarketplace Plans
What does it cover?Normally gives the complete coverage with the prescribed drugsSimilar to the COBRA plans it covers all the medical needs.
When can you enroll in it?Within sixty days, effects retroactively and seamlesslyWithin the period of sixty days
How long is its coverage?Normally 18 to 36 monthsAs long as you continue paying the premium,
It needs to be renewed annually
How much would it cost you?It varies from plan to plan.
Employees have to pay full cost of the plan and administration fee too.
It does also depend on your plan, however, you may qualify for subsidies, reduced premium payment and out-of-pocket costs.


  • The table shows the comparison and the striking difference between some of the salient features of both the insurance plan options.
  • For detailed understanding you need to study both the plans separately.


1. When would the Marketplace Health Insurance Plan commence after losing my Employer Sponsored Insurance?

Marketplace plans would normally take effect from the first day of the month after you have lost your Employer Sponsored Insurance or Job Based Health Insurance. For instance, if you have lost the job based health insurance on 14 September and applied for the Marketplace plan by 31 September, then it will take effect from 1 October.

2. Does Marketplace ask for any proof for losing my job based health insurance?

Marketplace has the rights to directly contact you and ask you for any evidence regarding your job based health insurance loss. It will be explained by your eligibility notice as how to verify your loss of coverage.

3. What would be the outcome if I join a job which offers no health insurance after leaving a   job that had health insurance plans for me?

You will also be able to get yourself enrolled for the Marketplace until you find any other offer that may cover your health and medical needs.

4. After losing my job-based health insurance, can I apply for Marketplace plans through my spouse?

You can, of course, apply for Marketplace plans through your spouse. However, you will lose your eligibility for lower premium payments, subsidies, and other budget-saving measures in such situation.

5. Does the Marketplace Plans consider my annual income of the last year when I lost the job based insurance?

Yes, it really estimates and analyzes your yearly income.

6. What should be done in the case when I join a job that has a waiting period for a special enrollment plan after I lose job based  health insurance?

You need to apply for the Marketplace Health Coverage Plans until you find a new job based health insurance for you. You will also be able to qualify for subsidies and other saving schemes.

After getting the next job you can also continue with the Marketplace plans but you have to pay full premium payments. However, you can withdraw at any time from the Marketplace plans without any penalty.

Final Thoughts:

The epilogue of the discussion is that you must not lose hope after losing a job based health insurance or Employer Sponsored Insurance. You must look up for the new and fresh options that you can easily find in the year 2022. It is always an overwhelming question that how to choose the best solution to address such a problem perfectly.

The above discussed solutions are fully focused on satisfying your health budget needs, financial demands, requirements and standards. The Marketplace and COBRA health insurance plans are always available to assist you in times of need. Both of these insurance companies offer you the best health-based financial solutions for all of your health insurance and medical assurance demands.

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