How to Transfer Car Insurance Policy While Moving to Another State

Relocating and shifting your residence from one place to another is always a favorable but a hectic experience at the same time. Managing the timely accomplishment of multiple tasks with the proper handling of one’s bag and baggage while moving to another state is not a walk in the park.

Like many other significant tasks to be accomplished soon after arriving at the new destination, you would definitely need to transfer your car insurance policy to your new state of residence.

However, the complicated procedural dealings of the concerning insurance agencies will be seemingly hard to follow. However, it is not as difficult as it appears. You just need to stick to this post till the end because we are going to reveal the whole method step by step as how to Transfer Car Insurance Policy While Moving to another State.

Why do you need to transfer your car insurance policy while moving to another state?

Every state has its own principles and policies for the smooth functioning of the state affairs. As you cross the boundaries of your previous state of residence, the ZIP code gets changed in the new city. Therefore, new car insurance policies will be applicable to you to follow soon. Most of the states give you a grace period of 30 days to 90 days for the renewal or the modification of your car insurance policy and vehicle registration in the new city.

Nonetheless, it is better not to delay in accomplishing these important tasks which may cost you heavily if not checked timely. Therefore, as soon as you arrive in the new city, you must look for the transfer of your car insurance in the first place.

Ultimate Guide for the Transfer of Car Insurance Policy to a New State of Residence

If you are just about to switch your residence to some other state and worried about the transfer of your car insurance policy to the new state of residence, then this ultimate guide is going to benefit you in an effective manner. Let us explore the possible options of transferring the car insurance policy from scratch.

1. Be Finished with the Shifting Process First

Needless to say that the shifting process of your home is always troublesome and bothersome, it doesn’t matter whether you are shifting your home across the street or the state. You have to be cautious enough with regard to the proper packaging and handling of unmanageably bigger, fragile and breakable objects. Moreover, the transportation options may be exhaustingly tiresome.

Besides, the settlement and adjustment in your new home can take little time to take place. Amidst all these trivialities of a sudden change, you will hardly find some spare time to think about your vehicle, its registration and insurance coverage. However, the big T-truth is that you have to consider it seriously to transfer the car insurance policy to the new state. Otherwise, you will be fined by the state authorities for not conforming to the state laws.

Since most of the states in the USA grant a grace period of one month to three months to the new settlers to get all their necessary documentation done within these flexible time limits at their ease. Therefore, you need to complete the shifting procedure first with full satisfaction and then go for a modification in the driving license, registration and insurance policy of your car according to the policies of the new state of residence.

2. Look for a New Car Insurance Policy

Without wasting any moment, you need to acquire all the information regarding the transfer of car insurance policy, re-registration of your car and modification in your driving license soon after arriving in the new city. A little delay in the process because of any personal negligence will cost you heavy fines by the state administration. You must bear two important things in your mind while moving to a new city:

  • It is totally unlawful to drive without any auto insurance or coverage. Therefore, if you meet a road accident then the financial bearings for the reparation of the vehicle or treatment of any bodily injury would cost you badly.
  • It is wise not to discontinue the previous auto insurance plan because it can help you out in the urgent needs during shifting to the other state.

Once you feel that your family has comfortably settled in the new abode, now you should divert all your attention towards the transfer of the auto insurance process and vehicle registration documentation. However, it is often observed that maximum of the states ask you to show your car insurance card for vehicle registration. So your first priority should be transferring the car insurance policy before going for its registration.

3. Contact Your Previous Insurance Agency

Before buying a new car insurance policy, you must contact your previous car insurance company. Ask them for their service whether they operate in your destination state or not. There is a chance that your old car insurance agent may also be covering your new state of residence. You can ask him for any sort of discount or lower insurance premium costs for you.

He will probably make the complicated procedure simple for you as well.  Otherwise, he will refer you to some other agent near you to contact him for the transfer of your previous policy to the new state.

If you want to get car insurance from some other company in the new state then you should know that you can cancel your previous policy. In some cases you have to pay the cancellation fee, however, you will get all the premium costs reimbursed if you leave it in the middle.

However, car insurance policy in the new state may have its own premium costs because of the certain specific risk factors present in the new area. If you are moving from a fault based state to a non-fault state, you are very likely to bear more premium costs than usual.

Get Quotes from Multiple Insurance Providers

In a new state, you should not be in too much haste to buy a car insurance plan. Instead, you should consult your friends and acquaintances regarding the suitable car coverage plan. You may directly gather information from multiple insurance agents by asking for their quotes.

Once you get the quotes from various insurance companies, now you should calculate the risks and benefits to decide on the perfect option. Consider all the pros and cons to reach some wise conclusion. A well balanced comparison will help you in formulating an opinion that is affordable and beneficial at the same time.

Go for the Most Suitable Option

As soon as you decide on some suitable car insurance plan, call the relevant insurance agent to close the deal. This way you will ask him to start the policy beginning from that day and also call the previous car insurance agent at the same day to cancel your old policy.

This is the safest way to let your car insurance policy avoid any lapse or overlap. Ultimately, your car insurance policy will be transferred now to another state with a different ZIP code.

3. Get Your Vehicle Registered in the New State

Once you have transferred your car insurance to the new state of residence, now it will be easy for you to get your vehicle registered in the new city. However, there are many states which ask for the driving license as well apart from car insurance to complete the registration process.

In addition to all these, you will also be supposed to show your current residence status and identity card as well. Other documents that you have to keep ready for the registration process include your Refugee Travel Documents, Service Cards, Medical Cards, Passport Card or welfare card (if any). Nonetheless, you can find a complete checklist for all these necessary documents on the DMV website of your concerning state of residence.

Since it hasn’t passed so much time after your arrival in the new city, you might not have got the printed copy of your car insurance proof. So you can show the electronic page (soft copy) of your insurance proof to get your vehicle registered. Otherwise, you have to wait until you receive a printed copy of your insurance proof through mail.

As you have got all the necessary documents for vehicle registration, now go to the DMV office of your state and apply for urgent vehicle registration. The vehicle registration process asks you to write an application and fill a form with all your essential credentials.

The application procedure would charge you roughly somewhere around $30 to $60. You must return your old license plate to the DMV of your old state, after getting a new license plate in the new state.

4. Put Application for New Driving License

As an ultimate step, you have to apply for a new driving license. As a matter of fact, this process is also done at the same time and place as your vehicle registration process. Nonetheless, the staff in the DMV office will ask you to go to another cabin for writing your application and for taking your fresh picture.

Besides, you have to fill a separate form for license application and submit a registry fee challan too in order to get a modified license for the new state of residence.

Having gone through all the above proceedings, now you are all set to be called as a legally registered driver in your new state. Now you will not be experiencing any hindrance or restriction in getting anywhere in the city. Ultimately, you will not be challaned or fined for being an uninsured or unregistered driver with no license.


Does car insurance change when you move to another state?

Yes, when you move to another state, car insurance definitely changes because different states have different policies about car insurance.

How many days does it take to transfer car insurance?

Car insurance comes into effect as soon as you purchase it. However, if someone sells his car to another person, then he is bound by the law to transfer the car insurance to the other person within 14 days.

Is there any temporary move out of state car insurance?

Normally, your existing car insurance policy covers you for occasional short trips out of the state. However, you need to purchase a new policy if you move to another state for the long term.

How to transfer car insurance to another car?

You should simply contact your insurer to switch your car insurance from the old car to the new car that you have just bought. For that purpose, you have to submit an application form by filling in the essential.

How much will the vehicle registration process be?

It may cost you somewhere between $30 to $60. However, the cost may vary depending upon the scenario.


The final takeaway of the above discussion is that we use to move across the states frequently in present times, which brings favorable changes in our lives. However, at the same time, we are very likely to face some complicated issues related to our daily life proceedings.

Out of many such issues, transfer of car insurance to the new state of residence is also a serious troublesome situation for newly come settlers. Therefore, you are required to Learn How to Transfer Car Insurance Policy While Moving to another State to avoid any sort of unwanted or untoward situation.

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