Are you searching for the ideal health insurance provider in Singapore? Today, we navigate the healthcare maze, and bring you five of the top health insurance companies in Singapore that are continually revolutionizing the industry with their mind-blowing features.

5 Singapore’s Health Insurance Companies

Singapore boasts one of the world’s exceptional healthcare systems, thanks to the impressive list of top-notch health insurance companies operating in the region. In this article, we analyse notable health insurance providers that have been transforming the way Singaporeans perceive and handle their healthcare needs.

AIA Singapore

One of the major players in the market, AIA Singapore, unloads a comprehensive portfolio of coverage options that cater to a wide array of healthcare requirements.

  • AIA HealthShield Gold Max: This plan offers as-charged coverage for all tiers of hospital wards, including private hospitals. It also provides coverage for pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization treatments.

  • AIA Max VitalHealth: This rider plan complements the AIA HealthShield Gold Max, reducing the out-of-pocket payment to as low as S$2,000 per policy year.

AIA Singapore – Health Insurance

NTUC Income

NTUC Income is another reputable household name in Singapore, boasting accessibility and affordability. It offers insurance tailored to different age groups ensuring that insurance products grow along with you.

  • IncomeShield Plan: Offers hospitalization and surgery coverage across public and private hospitals. Riders can be attached to minimize out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Enhanced IncomeShield Preferred Plan: This plan provides extensive coverage, including private hospitals and overseas medical treatments.

NTUC Income – Health Insurance

Prudential Singapore

Prudential Singapore stands out with its revolutionary health insurance schemes that focus on preventive care alongside their comprehensive coverage.

  • PRUshield: This plan offers as-charged coverage for various hospital wards and includes benefits for pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization treatments.

  • PRUExtra Premier: This is a rider option that provides additional coverage and helps to manage out-of-pocket expenses.

Prudential Singapore – Health Insurance

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AXA Singapore

AXA Singapore comes into the picture with a wide variety of health insurance plans that can be custom-tailored to individual lifestyles.

  • AXA Shield Plan: Offers coverage for hospitalization, surgery, and outpatient treatments. It also provides benefits for pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization treatments.

  • AXA Essential Protector+: This is a rider plan that provides accidental coverage in addition to the benefits offered by AXA Shield.

AXA Singapore – Health Insurance

Manulife Singapore

Manulife Singapore emphasizes on long-term coverage against severe illnesses, a feature that sets it apart from its counterparts.

  • ManuProtect Term: This plan offers extensive coverage against 36 severe illnesses, including cancer and heart attacks. It provides guaranteed renewal up to the age of 100.

  • Manulife Health: Offers hospitalization and surgery coverage, including benefits for post-hospitalization recovery treatments.

Manulife Singapore – Health Insurance

The health insurance landscape in Singapore is marked by intense competition, each player striving to offer the best of services. AIA Singapore, NTUC Income, Prudential Singapore, AXA Singapore, and Manulife Singapore stand at the helm, each charming their customers with unique, thoughtfully crafted health coverage plans.

Remember, the choice of an ideal health insurance provider calls for careful consideration of your respective needs and budget. Therefore, take time to study the specifics of different insurance products before making your final pick.

Indeed, health is an asset that we should invest in, so beginning your investment with the right health insurance provider is half the battle won. Don’t wait for a health emergency to strike unannounced – plan today, for a secure tomorrow.

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